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You Have the Letter M on the Palms? Here’s What it Means!


You Have the Letter M on the Palms? Here’s What it Means!

It is said that the lines on your hands can reveal a lot about your character and your destiny. And it turns out that people whose lines form an “M” on the palm can be very special.

You Have the Letter M on the Palms

The interpretation of the palms lines is a practice known as the palmistry, practiced for centuries, particularly in India and China. This practice reviews each part of the hand (the shape of the hands, fingers, nails and lines of the palm), and the usual interpretation is about the character and future of the person and his love life.

Palms have several lines:

The lifeline

According to palmistry, life line is one of the most important lines of the palms. Drawn between the thumb and index finger and ending at the base of the Mount of Venus, the line of life defines life and major events in life. A short lifeline indicates instability, while a line cut into parts may pose risks or difficult times that may arise. Note that the length of the lifeline does not mean a longer life.

The heart line

The heart line is located on the top of the palms, it starts at the joint and ends at the Mount of Saturn or Jupiter. As its name indicates, the heart line is the heart as an organ and as a symbol of love. When the line is short, it would indicate callous and cold hearted persons. A deep and long heart line can be an indication of a good balance between reason and feelings, but also an intense and lasting love.

The head line

The head line is drawn between the heart line and life line, it begins between the index finger and thumb to go to Mount Moon. This line is linked to mental abilities. When clearly drawn, it indicates clear mind. When it is less visible, the mind is considered confused. Breaks in the head line may indicate periods of change in life.

Sometimes these three lines can form the letter M on the palms. According to palmistry, these people are particularly talented, have great intuition (developed especially for women) and an entrepreneurial spirit that will lead undoubtedly to success.

If you try to deceive or lie to them, they will see that very quickly! They have the power to change the course of their lives when they feel the need to do that and know how to seize all opportunities.

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