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Soak your Feet in Cold Water Every Night: What will Happen will Surprise You


Soak your Feet in Cold Water Every Night: What will Happen will Surprise You

Every evening, after a day of hard work, soak your feet in cold water. The result may surprise you more than you think! Professor Sergey Bubnowsky, famous specialist of physiotherapy, based in Moscow, recommends this simple but extremely effective method to help strengthen the immune system and improve blood circulation.

Soak your Feet in Cold Water Every Night
A cold water bath:
Fill a bucket and dip your feet in cold water for 10-15 seconds. Then, dry them and put on your favorite socks to keep you warm.

It is advisable to repeat this process every night to strengthen the immune system.
Strengthening the immune system:
Appling this small trick can be useful to strengthen the body’s defenses and prevent or fight colds, flu, and other health conditions.
In case of illness, soak your feet in cold water every four hours.
“Do not worry regarding the application of cold water on the feet, although it is not especially compatible with your cold, this method will strengthen your immune system and for sure you will be fine,” says Dr. Bubnowsky.
Cold-water baths are often used by athletes to relieve their feet after an intense effort. This method causes an instant relaxation of the muscles, helps prevent muscle soreness and promotes better recovery.
Virtues of cold water:
Cold water has an anesthetic effect; it reduces inflammation, relieves pain and tones the skin. It also increases the secretion of endorphins, providing a feeling of well-being and helps to fight against stress. A study by the University of Virginia confirms that cold water stimulates part of the brain linked to optimism and good humor.
Furthermore, people who suffer from blood circulation problems often use cold water as therapy to promote good circulation of blood throughout the body.

You should know that we burn on average between 100 and 150 calories with a cold shower: “The cold mobilizes the body fat and melts it in minutes,” says cardiologist and nutritionist Frédéric Saldmann. He evaluates loss “of 100 to 200 calories in two to three minutes” under a jet of cold water.

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