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How to Recognize Alzheimer’s Disease?


How to Recognize Alzheimer’s Disease?

First signs of Alzheimer’s – what’s going on in a person with this illness!

How to recognize Alzheimer’s disease?

Everyone knows that one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease are memory problems, but other than that our body gives us many indications of this disease.

How to Recognize Alzheimers Disease

Separately, they can be completely harmless and temporary, but it is important to know them.
In today’s article we will explain what are the signs of Alzheimer’s disease, and this will help you identify the disease at an early stage.

What is Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is associated with neurodegenerative disorders, cognitive impairment and behavioral disorders. Usually the disease occurs in the elderly – over 65 years.

Many patients faced with this disease have a genetic predisposition because their relatives have previously suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Memory Loss
    This is one of the most common and early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. But don’t worry if you suddenly forget something and then remember it.
  2. Loss of Mental Abilities
    Yes, this means that it takes some effort for a simple mental activity.
    Everything is going much slower, you cannot concentrate.
  3. Disorientation in Space or Time
    This signal is much more serious, we are talking about situations where suddenly one forgets what day it is, or doesn’t knows where he/she is.
  4. Problem with Image Recognition and Impaired Associative Thinking
    It is necessary to see a doctor first in order to eliminate other vision problems, such as myopia, cataract, etc. This change means difficulties in reading, impaired ability to distinguish colors, etc.
  5. Speech Problems
    People suffering from Alzheimer’s disease usually have serious problems with their speech activity. They maintain a very difficult conversation, especially if the dialogue goes quickly or it involves several people.
  6. Development of a Symptom of “Disappearance” of Things
    People with this disease often don’t realize the spatial change. That is, they tend to forget where things are put. Sometimes, after a while, they can even begin to think that their relatives hide these things.
  7. Lack of Common Sense
    It gets to absolutely irresponsible and absurd actions. For example, a person may, without a reason, give all his money to a passerby, etc.
  8. Bad Hygiene
    Another early sign of Alzheimer’s disease may be a lack of personal hygiene. One ceases to take care of themselves, hygiene requires a lot of physical and mental effort.

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