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A Banana Can Peel Away Your Migraine Pain


A Banana Can Peel Away Your Migraine Pain

If you happen to be faced with severe cranial crises and those are accompanied by regular pulsations, it is a terrible headache! A Canadian study found that it affects about 12% men, 3 times more women and nearly 10% of teenagers. If you are unprepared, here are some natural remedies to relieve the pain. However, as soon as you can, see your doctor for a check, since migraine may hide other insidious diseases.

Symptoms of migraine

  • Progressive pain with beats within the skull
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Hypersensitivity to noise and light

Trigger factors

  • Stress
  • Sleep disruption
  • Hormonal imbalance (especially in women)
  • Effect of some stimulants, such as alcohol or cigarettes …
  • Inhalation of irritating chemical odors
  • Overexposure to certain sensory factors such as noise, bright light, etc.

How to recognize a migraine?

  1. You have a very bad pain on one side of the head
  2. You feel pulsation on the side where the pain is
  3. Your headache actually prevents you from going about your normal activities and especially to sleep
  4. Your headache increases as you try to make an effort
  5. You happen to have nausea
  6. Vomiting
  7. Pain becomes more intense when you are exposed to light or noise

Natural remedies

  1. Banana peel and ice compress

The use of ice is an alternative treatment developed by the Japanese medicine, known as cryotherapy. The cold is effective in relieving headaches and some pains, because of its analgesic effect. It penetrates in the deep tissues and its action lasts 2-4 hours. So for more efficiency, wrap some ice cubes in a banana skin and apply this compress on the head and neck for 15 to 20 minutes minimum, 2 to 4 times a day. The potassium content of the banana skin helps relieve the migraine.

You should not exceed one week of application. If your migraine continues beyond this period, consult a doctor. If you feel tingling sensation or notice redness it means that your skin is sensitive. Make lighter applications to prevent frostbite (skin irritation).

However, ice should be avoided in the following cases:

  • Blood circulation porblems
  • Hyposensitivity
  • Medication affecting the state of consciousness (burn hazard)
  • Malignant neoplasm (cancer)
  1. Lavender essential oil

The lavender essential oil has soothing, anti-inflammatory and painkiller effect. It contains monoterpenes that have analgesic effects.

To ease your migraine, put two drops of lavender essential oil in a pot of boiling water and inhale the steam for 15 minutes. You can also mix a drop of lavender essential oil with a spoon of vegetable oil for a massage of the head, neck and temples.

Caution: monoterpenes contain allergenic and irritating molecules to the skin, where the essential oil is used in pure form. That is why it is essential to dilute it in vegetable oil to prevent skin burn.

It is also not recommended to consume lavender infusion or in any other form, in combination with anticoagulants, because it contains coumarin, which can cause liver problems. It is also inconsistent with ferric chloride and iodine.

  1. Flaxseeds

Flax seeds are rich in essential fatty acids, fiber and omega-3 that help fight constipation, regulate the cholesterol and soothe various pains, including headaches. Consume crushed or ground flaxseeds, with meals or water. This will help reduce your pain.

Warning: The consumption of flaxseeds in grains is not recommended for people with intestinal diverticula, because the grains can cause inflammation by lodging within these pockets. Flax is also to be avoided in case of thyroid disorders because of its cyanogen content that inhibits the uptake of iodine by the thyroid.

Women with breast or ovarian cancer are required not to consume flax, because it contains a phytoestrogen compound that aggravates their condition.

  1. Peanut butter and ginger

Applying a paste of grated ginger with peanut butter on your temples will alleviate the migraine. Indeed, this massage will promote direct absorption of magnesium and arginine through the skin that will reduce the stress and strengthen the body’s defenses.

Caution: Any use of ginger is prohibited for pregnant women, people with blood disorders and diabetes. Ask your doctor.

  1. Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint has analgesic, soothing and anesthetics effects. Having these properties, peppermint oil mixed with vegetable or almond oil or warm water and applied on the temples, forehead, neck and neck will help to calm your headache.

Caution: It is strongly recommended to take special precautions for the use of essential oils in children and pregnant women, because of the powerful active ingredients they contain.

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