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Amazing! The Shape of the Ear Shows the Diseases!


Amazing! The Shape of the Ear Shows the Diseases!

Ears well shaped, quite large, uniform in size suggest a good heredity and sufficient supply of spare immune system.

Too hot or red ears (even if symptoms appear suddenly and briefly) tend to hypertension and vascular disorders in the nervous system. People with burning ears are often prone to aggression and quick response to external changes.

The Shape of the Ear Shows the Diseases

Cold and pale ears show dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, which signals a reduced blood pressure, general weakness and reduced brain activity.

Bluish color of the ears may indicate heart failure (even if other signs are not yet visible), or lung and bronchi disease.

You need to take a serious look at the dark red and blue ears, which occur if one has diseases of the stomach and intestines, pancreas and liver.

In general exhaustion, tendency to atonic bowel and other problems large and small intestines, the skin of the ear can become shiny with brown or dark red spots (signal of mineral imbalance in the body).

Square ears indicate a lot of physical strength and good health. But this could be a signal of aggressive person with such ears.

Elongated and pointy ears show great diligence and increased reserves of inner strength. Also, this form can be a sign of incredible mental abilities.

The larger, longer and thicker the earlobe, the better is the health.

The natural color of the skin of the ear and its harmonious shape show a calm and hardworking person.

When the front of the ears has many wrinkles, it is important to pay attention to nutrition – it is a sign of an exhausted body.

The earlobe, if it is like a pillow (soft and thick) means that the person with such an ear tends to obesity or reduced mental activity.

The folds and wrinkles on the ears indicate a predisposition to problems with the heart and blood vessels, including atherosclerosis, heart attack and diabetes.

A general exhaustion of the body can concluded if the ears are thin. Same applies if there are disharmonious forms, especially if they have a non-uniform surface of earlobe. Such a surface is sometimes seen in people prone to cancer.


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